Do not use anything other than the bore oil you find in music stores, that is formulated from light mineral oils that will not turn rancid. Oiling the bore will not affect your clarinet’s tone or response. Finally, be certain that your students never do any of right here to abuse their clarinets: stand it on the ground by the bell unless, needless to say, they have a clarinet peg; lay it on a music stand; leave it on an risky chair or lay it on the ground; carry it through the halls without regard to masking the mouthpiece from hitting the walls or their pals; leave the mouthpiece cap off while waiting in line to take an all state audition; leave it unattended — in or out of the case. Teach every pupil to care for and offer protection to his or her clarinet. It is an device, not a toy, and merits good remedy and admire. If scholars accept as true with they are in possession of a valuable object, they'll learn to value it, and they will value the work they do with it all of the more. What may have stimulated Mozart into completing the abandoned basset horn concerto for Stadler and his basset clarinet, was his adventure to Prague for the most reliable of La Clemenza di Tito. One of his vacationing companions was his pupil Süssmayr, who discovered that he was writing a basset clarinet concerto for Stadler. Mozart could not allow himself to be outdone. The concerto was written in Vienna some time between the top of September and the beginning of October 1791. The completed score was sent off to Stadler in Bohemia and it acquired its first functionality at Stadler’s advantage live performance in the Prague Theatre on October 16, 1791.

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