It has a virtually best pentatonic scale likechinese music today. This is probably no accident. Other very old devices have an identical scale which tells usthat folks already had a transparent sound system idea 35,000 years ago. But: You only need a correct scale systemlike this if musicians want to play in combination. Shepherds for instance won't need this playing solo and therefore commonplace shepherd's instruments will have a completely various system like Arabic scales with which you can't playtogether but nonetheless, you will find those methods are well described, too. This old artefact with the ideal scale is no proof yet but you better get used to the idea that musicalinstruments and woodwind ensembles played in the Stone Age already making music in ensembles seems to beless a hobby of some but a basic part of being human. As with the flute most contraptions we know today are refinements of very old ancestors. We can see a few of them on monuments and art work which are a whole lot from time to time thousands of years old. These photos and often broken artefacts tell us little or no concerning the music that was made with them,just no matter if people have danced. But you find much more about it conserved in literature or even inlegislature that offers us some idea how they were used and what outcomes they have to have had some Greek stateshave banned certain scales and types of playing because of the extasy it caused in the audience!. Today we assume that the ancestors of the fashionable woodwind instruments were built in the middle eastand have reached Europe via Turkey.