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About a year into the lifetime of RHF, a random accident with a politicallyincorrect joke offended an MIT pupil immensely. He began acampaign to close down the newsgroup. While largely laughed atby the USENET neighborhood, he found some sympathetic press willingto submit reports concerning the scandalous things these brand new computernetworks were really for. Front page thoughts seemed in the localnewspaper where I lived, pushing the University of Waterloo, which was mygateway to the community, to cut me off. To the shock of many, they did. Sometime later, fear of political incorrectness led Stanford to also banthe newsgroup. In both places, and on the web, the bans generated muchmore protest than the original court cases. Over time, they were reversed. Around that point, IBM and Sears had decided to enter the web world witha dial up online carrier called Prodigy. Prodigy was intendedto be highly polished and content focussed, in its place of a moreopen forum like Compuserve. They determined to spend a lot tolicence top rate content material.