When you are able to buy, you'll quickly discover that there are more styles and brands of pupil model clarinets for sale than you can ever have imagined. There is, although, a quick list of brands and models that high nearly every band director's list of recommended pupil clarinets. If you stick with one of those major brands, that you can't go wrong. As a rule of thumb, remember to expect to pay a minimum of $400 for an honest excellent scholar model clarinet, and up to $600 or more for a really high satisfactory model. They cost a large number of money, however the inexpensive or downright cheap clarinets will bring you problems, grief, and repair bills. In fact lots of them are considered disposable, as a result of many of the cheap imports are made from ingredients which are liable to breakage, and are customarily not repairable. Investing in a horn from a reputable brand ensures durability, a good experience in your kids, in order that they're more more likely to keep it up, and a higher resale value when it is time to trade up to a professional model clarinet. Here I have used a piano keyboard for instance alternative notes and durations, but a similar precept holds for the clarinet. The natural notes the white keys on the piano keyboard are named from A through to G. These notes are shown written in the treble clef in Fig. 1.