However, it was not until the early 18th century that woodwind maker Johann Denner died 1707 added two keys to the chalumeau, an innovation that is usually credited with being the invention of the modern clarinet. Subscribe Now:center?Finger the maximum note on a clarinet with help from an experienced music expert during this free video clip. Expert: Rebecca FullerContact: io: Rebecca Fuller, based in northern Utah, has been appearing and coaching for over 24 years. Filmmaker: Jeff GoodeySeries Description: The flute and the clarinet are both part of the musical device family called the woodwinds. Get pointers on flute and clarinet basics with help from an skilled music professional during this free video series. You can see and hear performances of those famous compositions by visiting amous clarinet concertos here's an alternate one of my “famous concertos” series. In this case, I’m discussing the clarinet. One of the things which makes the clarinet special, is that it appeals to musicians and folks with various musical tastes; the clarinet is as much at home playing Mozart, as it’s playing jazz, RandB, and even other forms of ordinary music. This is something which many other instruments cannot stake claim to. For example, the violin or oboe, lovely as they're, do not sit as well with probably the most aforementioned musical styles; however, the clarinet does a great job gambling various kinds of music and that's not anything many musical devices can say. TranspositionWhat does this mean?.