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Today we assume that the ancestors of the trendy woodwind instruments were built in the middle eastand have reached Europe via Turkey. Double reed units just like the Aulos a double oboe in theEtruscan image were already known in old Egypt and Greece. You see them on mural paintings in burial chambersand on wine jugs. These contraptions constructed step by step into todays modern devices the trendy oboeand the bassoon apart from the tool often utilized in Turkish normal dance music. A identical developmentcan be shown for the flute, the trumpet, the trombone and all string contraptions. Instruments with a single reed that were known as a shepherd device have existed for ages: The Zummarah andthe Arghul. Such contraptions were pipes, and the reed was cut out of the tube itself. We are speaking abouta rather simple device here. They are no candidates as direct ancestor of the clarinet. But there's one:The Chalumeau spoken: Shaloomoh was spread widely throughout Europe. The name comes from Greek/Latin,where "Calumus" means pipe.


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