You could be in a position to identify every one by looks as well as by hearing recordings. If you’re new to the clarinet, it’s suggested that you simply start with the quite common Bb clarinet. It’s the good one to learn first and it will be the only you use probably the most by far. After that, you could determine which other clarinets will suit your individual needs. Tip openings are measured in either hundredths of a millimeter e. g. Ravel's La Valse. Apparently, bass clarinets in A were once produced by German and French makers, though the ancient record is not particularly clear just where and when such production started and ceased. Until the last half of the twentieth century, no new bass clarinets pitched in A were produced. While perfectly purposeful, such gadgets were both costly and a significant physical burden to the player, who would must carry two heavy bass clarinets to rehearsals and performances. For these two purposes more than the rest, few modern bass clarinets in A were sold.