The muscle groups will come with more playing follow makes permanent!Once which you could tell that your embouchure is more muscular, practice saying the letter "M" tightly while playing this can can help you be certain that you've got the correct idea, despite the fact that the details aren't best. With the bass clarinet, there is no "exact" way to play it. You should do what feels right for you, and what can provide the good sound, while still taking the fundamentals into account. Martie, dear CD well,no one loves a good shock more than I I'm seeking to include my interest till the fated day when we'll all know what device I get to play!I do think I've detected a typical clue: you assert it's a wind orchestra. If you've mentioned that before, I missed it!Sets me to pondering it may narrow the sector of probabilities a bit?Hmmmmm. One thing it' is doing is prompting my music education to click in: I'd first theory it'd significantly narrow the field of chances but find even with a very cursory search that it's broader than I'd anticipated!hehe. You're a difficult, clever instructor, Martie Coetser!In any case, since I absolutely trust your competencies as THE conductor of this distinctive orchestra, I know I'll be completely happy as punch together with your choice. of a professional device for me .