Eine kleine Madmusik, a chamber music event that includes smaller ensembles from in the group will be hung on Friday night, May 16th. Space is proscribed; touch Jami at 605 341 7422 for additional info. The following live shows are free and open to the general public; some have free will choices authorized. A Children’s Concert, featuring music for the young and young at heart, will be performed at the Rapid City Public Library downtown branch at 6:00pm Tuesday, June 24 and the Black Hills Piano Gallery at 4:00pm Sunday, June 29. The final functionality of the summer before touring to Baton Rouge can be at the Dahl Art Museum on Friday, July 25 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. The bass clarinet is a musical tool of the clarinet family. Bass clarinets in other keys, principally C and A, also exist, but are very rare by contrast to the usual A clarinet, which is very common in classical music. Bass clarinets frequently carry out in orchestras, wind ensembles/live performance bands, once in a while in marching bands, and play an occasional solo role in modern music and jazz in specific. Most modern bass clarinets are instantly bodied, with a small upturned silver colored metal bell and curved metal neck. Early examples varied fit, some having a doubled body making them look similar to bassoons. The bass clarinet is reasonably heavy and is supported either with a neck strap or an adjustable peg connected to its body.