TRY THIS LITTLE EXERCISE RIGHT NOW!Some people just do not get it. Flattening that chin is just a hard idea to understand. Now, try this little exercise. Do this: Place your thumb and index finger on the back of your hand. Press down and pull the fingers apart as if you are stretching the outside of the back of your hand from between those two palms. Now, put the clarinet mouthpiece to your mouth, anchor your lower lip with the reed, close the mouth off around the mouthpiece and flatten or point the chin. If you're flattening correctly, the skin between your lower lip and chin should stretch or “firm up” like the skin on the back of your hand stretched by the arms. Clarinet is held too high. This angle of clarinet impacts embouchure poorly. Between a 30 and 40 degree angle is often accredited as accurate. You can test this by listening on your sound as you move the clarinet around.