Howeverthe Inc 500 honour is a bit of misleading. There were faster growingcompanies but that they had not been around long enough to qualify for the list. So we moved. Of course, it was removed from that simple and requiredsome careful legal wrangling to move a enterprise from one countryto an alternative. Fortunately my brother, Michael Templeton, is one ofthe best attorneys in Toronto at coping with overseas deals and taxes,and his selfless suggestions made the change. The procedurewas complicated enough that we were in his office the day before wefinally flew out, signing the papers. My lady associate and I parked hercar the road next to his office tower. When we came out, therewas a pricey parking ticket on it, though it was Sunday. Amusingly,we found out we were flying out the country within 24 hours, and thecar could be sold within a week. With a smile, we tossed the ticketwith impunity. The nature of USENET feeds made this simple to do.

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