They cost numerous money, however the low-priced or downright cheap clarinets will bring you headaches, grief, and service bills. In fact many of them are considered disposable, because a lot of the cheap imports are made up of parts which are at risk of breakage, and are typically not repairable. Investing in a horn from a credible manufacturer guarantees sturdiness, a good event in your kids, so they're more prone to stick with it, and an improved resale value when it's time to trade up to knowledgeable model clarinet. Here I have used a piano keyboard for instance alternative notes and periods, but the same precept holds for the clarinet. The natural notes the white keys on the piano keyboard are named from A through to G. These notes are shown written in the treble clef in Fig. 1. There also are sharps and flats the black keys on the piano keyboard. Sharps have a pitch one semitone higher than a undeniable natural note, and flats have a pitch one semitone below a definite natural note. A semi tone is the period among one note and an adjacent note black or white on either side. Two of these semitones make up a tone.