Wood is a cloth that changes over time and with fluctuations of humidity and weather. Therefore, how you can avoid cracking is to try to maintain consistency in the wood’s temperature and moisture level. Do that by preserving the instrument as dry as possible, especially when inserting it into the case after gambling. Warm it up slowly, and store it away from heat or cold sources. If the tenon rings are loose, the wood has become too dry and has shrunk. If the joints are stuck, the wood has improved. Make sure you're taking your device to a professional repairperson instantly to solve these issues before cracking occurs. One of probably the most common questions I acquire regarding upkeep is even if the bores of wood bodied contraptions might be oiled. There is no simple answer. I have never oiled my clarinet bores, and I have never had a crack. However, some people have a body chemistry that causes the clarinet bore to dry out considerably.