Weber Clarinet Concerto No. 2 in E flat major, Op. 74, in 1811Carl Maria von Weber was one of music’s greatest innovators. He’s customarily considered to have been the 1st important Romantic composer to have lived Beethoven being considered the father of that stream. Additionally, this work is a staple of the clarinet repertoire; and, the last circulation of this work is difficult and challenging for even probably the most informed of clarinet virtuosos. The coda of the last move has become a protracted nightmare for clarinet players Weber writes runs/scales in sextuplets and semiquavers making it almost unattainable for even the best virtuosos to beat. This is so far considered one of Weber’s greatest works. Copland Clarinet Concerto, 1947 1949The irony of it all, is if I had a penny for every piano and violin concerto written between 1811 and 1947, I'd be capable of retire in comfort right now for the rest of my life. And yet, I pretty much can’t think of a famous clarinet concerto in the span those 100+ years!. Well, this suggests not anything, as a result of, the clarinet is simply as familiar as the violin and piano, but not in concerto form. Benny Goodman commissioned Copland to compose this concerto.