The secondary theme begins in the parallel minor, and eventually tonicizes C Major before arriving in E Major, the dominant. At the top of the E Major part there is a short pause, where the soloist conventionally improvises a short eingang cadenza, though no context is offered for a true cadenza. It is uncommon advantage how old music instrumental music really is. What we learnt at school isprobably old at best, but mostly really wrong. We use to think that devices came up not long beforeSumeria. But flutes from bones have already been well known and utilized in the Stone Age. The oldest flute thatwe have today is from Baden Wurttemberg, Germany, and is about 35,000 years old. It was produced froma swan's bone, at a time when drills were absolutely unknown. It has a virtually best pentatonic scale likechinese music today. This is likely no twist of fate. Other very old instruments have an analogous scale which tells usthat folks already had a transparent sound system idea 35,000 years ago.