However, he was also fond of internet eBook publishingand started GNN Global Network Navigator as the internet was dawning. Itwas the 1st serious commercial site, with a plan to be advertisingsupported. He sold it to AOL for a good price at the time. If yourdefinition of the 1st dot com depends upon it being HTML based,O'Reilly and Associates and GNN. com may well merit the title. We began before there was an internet industry, and so used trade showsoriented to the Unix world and networking world. Interop, a show devotedto networking items, was the pioneer on the infrastructure side, butwhen it involves using the web as a platform, Alan Meckler's InternetWorld show opened the doors. The first one was a tiny affair in New York'sJavitz center. I had exhibited in Javitz before, and at the start I could notfind the development it was in a small basement display hall under the mainhall. There were just two short aisles of booths, with agencies likeNetcom, and dealers of TCP/IP application for Windows computers. Onebooth was stacked 6 feet high with empty boxes in their "Internet in a Box"product which wasn't quite ready, so the joke was that the product wasjust the box.