You would pay a month-to-month fee and get access to all theircontent. The money could be allotted according to which siteswere more general. Some sites would remain ad supported, obviously,but I was as it should be predicting the collapse of CPM banner ads asa means to help usual web sites. Google and Overture howeverlater confirmed how well keyword targeted CPC ads stands out as the waveof the advertising future. The majority of company mergers and acquisitions fail, it is pronounced, andunfortunately I can't report great success for this one. 6 months after thedeal was done, Individual merged with Desktop Data to form a new companycalled NewsEdge, which had been the name of Desktop Data's flagship product. Maclagan, who had passed on the acquire of ClariNet a few months before,didn't have it in his product plan. Staff were laid off, and eventuallythe agency was spun out to Roy Folk and some of the other managers topursue the Navilinks linking system. NewsEdge kept equity in the companybut wanted Roy to raise extra money, which he was not able to do. I consider myself very lucky to have played in the beginning of two revolutions,the private computer and the information superhighway. However, I also trust more revolutions are to come.