People loved to wear those. Most people weren't actuallythat artistic, but we used all the best terms, plus many I thoughtof myself, for individuals who just wanted a pre created funny button. Ofcourse shall we and did make some of those up in strengthen, but oftenthe premier phrase would make fun of some event which had happenedright there at the convention, most likely in the keynote tackle. Thetopical nature of this reminded people of our product, and everybodywould come to our booth to get one. By the criteria of later internet businesses, ClariNet would startsmall, with about $100,000 of sales in the first year. However,unlike my past forays in the packaged program field, I quicklycame to like the price of a habitual earnings company. Once Ihad sold a buyer, if I kept them happy, I kept getting a chequeevery month. Many customers happily pay as you go a year in boost. New sales added not simply to my final analysis for thatmonth but every month. My churn rate was remarkably low. ClariNetwould double in sales each year of its life until it was sold.