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One day, the desktop malfunctioned and it produced all of the scores in an analogous key concert pitch, making the clarinet and trumpet player’s scores obsolete no performance of the piece was possible. So, to put it right down to ‘where the rubber meets the line’, if a violin is playing C, you need to write D on a B flat clarinet to ensure that the clarinet player to play C; if a violin is gambling C, you need to write E flat on a B flat clarinet to ensure that the clarinet player to play C. Clarinet Concertos For anything reason, clarinets haven't fared well in concertos. Clarinets are miraculous in small chamber compositions and as orchestral devices, but not in concertos. In fact, there are just just handful of famous clarinet concertos and I’ll try to talk about some of them in this article. Mozart Clarinet Concerto in A major, K. 622, in 1791This is one of the most renowned and beautiful of all clarinet concertos. The work was composed in an analogous year Mozart died; it was one of Mozart’s last instrumental compositions. Mozart has been hailed ‘music’s finest genius’ by many scholars. All advantageous things said about Mozart, it was in the field of opera that he excelled probably the most. Mozart’s operas and Shakespeare plays are two of most cherished things in Western Civilization/Culture.